Why Books?

I’m a Christian.

I believe in God the father, Jesus Christ His son, the Holy Spirit, and the authority of Scripture. I believe Jesus died, was buried, and rose to life to offer salvation to a broken world. I believe in both God’s abundant grace and perfect justice.

This worldview colors everything I do.

It’s also the root of my love for reading. Throughout human history, God has revealed Himself through stories. When Jesus communicated with His followers, He often told parables (stories). God also chose to leave behind His word in a book (the Bible).

This is why books and stories matter—because they matter to God. Not only do stories uniquely help us learn, grow, and develop empathy, but they also are one of the best ways we can experience God’s truth.

Stories let us see God’s truth lived out. They let us internalize the lessons of Scripture. Storytelling has always been God’s tool for communicating with a world He loves.

And so this is my philosophy on books. This is the core of what Big Dipper Books is about.

I believe that God speaks to each of us in ways we understand. For me, it’s always been through stories. Some of my most profound experiences with God’s grace, love, and forgiveness have been within the pages of a novel.

I hope you’ll come with me on this journey of learning and loving great stories. I hope you’ll start to see the thread of God’s redemption in everything you read.

But most of all, I hope your eyes will be opened to the great love story God is writing you right now through the pages of your favorite book.

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